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Tattoo Designs in Three Easy Steps



Explore our gallery to find tattoo ideas and figure out what you want


Select your tattoo preferences to generate a variety of ideas


Refine your favorite designs into customized creations and finalize your vision
AI enhances the world of tattoo artistry, helping our clients explore ideas and gain clarity about their desired tattoo designs. Clarity boosts confidence and streamlines artists' consultations. It leads to clients entering studios with a clear vision, making it easier for artists to realize these concepts.
InkDrop helps people figure out what tattoo they want while bringing more business to artists.
If you're a tattoo artist interested in featuring your work with us, let’s collaborate to merge technology and art and inspire more tattoo enthusiasts.
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Define Your Tattoo Ideas
in Create

Go to the Create page or hit the
button on any of the images in the Discover gallery to get started.
This tool is great for making cool tattoo ideas. I put in my favourite design from Pinterest, used the Remix feature, and made a unique design I really like. It helped me show my tattoo artist exactly what I wanted.
I'll use InkDrop again for my next tattoo.

Remix Your Tattoo Ideas in Create

Discover new takes on your favorite tattoo designs with Remix. Upload an image, highlight the region you like, and let us generate unique variations for you. It's a fun way to reimagine and perfect your tattoo ideas.
Edit tattoo designs by zooming to region to alter
Create unlimited tattoo design variations with Remix
Unique tattoo designs come to life by selecting diverse subjects and styles, each uniquely crafted by you.

Generate Tattoo Ideas for Free

AI generated sleeve tattoo design featuring a bull, showcased on a man's arm.AI generated forearm tattoo design featuring a lion, showcased on a man's arm.


Yes, InkDrop is free to try. When you sign up, you'll receive 30 design credits. No credit card required.